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'Kamille In Real Life' Podcast

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I never thought podcasting would be such a huge part of my life. In fact, I didn't pursue podcasting at all; it pursued me. I guess writing FB Posts, and small blogs told the atmosphere (and the people who saw them and reached out to me) that I was ready for a different stage. Or, maybe it was the success I had teaching and facilitating resilience and leadership courses that led people to ask me to share their platform. It could even have been the random thoughts I jotted down in my journal that told my secret of wanting more. Whatever it was, it podcasting invaded my life, and I have loved every bit of it! 


"What are people saying?"

"Over the last 12 years we have had the pleasure to learn from Kamille during both classroom and activity based lessons. Her passion comes alive as she delivers relevant courseware and connects the material to the company mission or culture (even when when you think this portion doesn't apply).

However, where she really shines is the side conversations or one-on-one coaching where she helps you tie the lesson directly to you and your situation. We also loved how she helped us challenge what we thought about ourselves, our culture, and what change was possible.

Yes, Kamille has specialties but her ability to adapt to our training goals and needs is what sets her apart. We felt as thought the entire training was custom built for us."

Jeff Taylor

Warner Robins, GA

"The first time meeting Kamille, I immediately saw the interpersonal skills she possessed. She's an empathetic leader who leverages her vast professional and personal experiences to spread knowledge to everyone she comes across.

As I progressed in my career, and faced new challenges as a leader, I continued to seek Kamille's help and mentorship to guide me along my path. Now that I'm a Functional Manager at Air Force Personnel Center for approximately 25K Airmen spanning 21 total aircraft maintenance career fields, I can say her words and teachings have played a huge role in helping me to become a more well-rounded human being.  

I credit my growth as a man to my interactions with Kamille! I truly believe that her empathy, knowledge, and guidance has been a building block in my life that I will continue to build upon!"

Nicholas Caines

San Antonio, TX

"In my personal interaction with Kamille, she challenged me to be a "complete" leader. Learning to grow out of rapid stressful environments and not allowing me to get sidelined by tough decisions. She practices what she preaches, and it is impossible to not find growth opportunities in your everyday life.


She is an expert in resilience training and has a captivating stage presence. Kamille has a true heart for people. She is an amazing leader and someone to who I look up to and respect."

Scott Hurstell
Marietta, GA