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Kamille Thomas - Press Kit

Kamille is a retired Air Force veteran, author of two books, editor and writer. She helps aspiring writers move their book ideas from their head to their hands.

Kamille’s unique way with words has made her a sought-after writer, editor, and speaker for organizations all over the world. Her work is making waves and change in countries such as India, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria.

She has been featured in Hoisner International Magazine, commanded the stage as a Keynote Speaker at the 47th annual Hypnotique Convention (India), and has been a repeat book reviewer for E-Bookery International India, Africa, and English. She had a successful resilience-based podcast, and been a guest on podcasts such as Intentional Optimists, Resilience Builders Podcast.

She is a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and one of only 53 Creative and Intelligence Certified Coaches in the world.


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  • Head to Hand: Learn how to get your book idea out of your head and into your hand in eight weeks

  • All editors are not created equal: Finding the right editor for your project

  • Reading is fundamental: How to create a manuscript people actually want to read

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Suggested Interview Questions

1. In what ways is the work that you do important?

    A. Kamille gives people insight into what makes a good book. She offers a book writing course        to help people refresh their writing skills by giving an overview of the mechanics or writing; how      to develop a storyline and the characters; how to convey the message they intend to get across to      their audience; how to stay focused in their writing; and more. 

2. What are some things people should know before writing a book?

    A. Kamille will discuss lessons learned in her journey to becoming an author. She shares the              challenges and obstacles she faced with the writing process, editors, being a part of an                        anthology, self-publishing, and more.

3. Holding the title of "Amazon Best-Seller" is all the hype these days. What are your thoughts      about that?

    A. Most people are self-publishing these days and aspire to become an Amazon best seller,                but they don't know what that really means. They assume if you hit "Amazon best-seller" status it      means you will get rich, or that you have ten thousand sales. Not true. They must have an                  accurate understanding of the cost, and what their return will be. Kamille will share what authors      need to know about being an Amazon best seller, and why that won't necessarily make you rich.        It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

4. Many new authors believe they can sit down, write a book, and self-publish all by                      themselves. Is this a realistic goal?

    A. Kamille will disclose ways to get good at writing so your book will sell. She will highlight the      best areas to invest the majority of your money. She will provide tips to cut costs where it makes      sense.  

5. Many aspiring writers are afraid to tell their story or don't know what to include. What words of inspiration of encouragement can you give to those who are afraid to take the leap to authorship?

    A. Most people fear criticism, judgement, or negative relationship impact when writing a book.          Kamille will share ways you can tell your story without telling it all! She will provide insight on        how to choose what is important, what can be left out, and how to do "damage control" in your          writing. 

Alternate Bio:

Kamille specializes in the entrepreneurial and thought-leadership space: speakers, coaches, consultants, and authors.


Her clients include some of today’s highest-paid and most influential brands including the world’s #1 Coach Paul Martinelli; The United States Air Force; The Global League of Creative and Intelligence Certified Coaches; Army Veteran, Author, and financial guru Nyajuok Tongyik; Dan Houston Associates; Integrity Consulting and Professional Services; THRIVE Lemon Grove, and more.


Kamille believes that everyone has a story as unique as they are, but it takes a touch of creativity to make a book stand out amongst the crowded bookshelves. Her knack for words and ability to articulate ideas and concepts in a thought-provoking, captivating way has earned her the nickname “Wordsmith” by her clients and a few industry leaders alike.


She has a keen ability to breathe life into a flat story, a skill that has landed her writing jobs of various kinds including editor, content creator, online program developer, script writer, digital workbook creator, and more. She is so passionate about helping new authors that she created an 8-week book-writing course designed to help aspiring authors move their book ideas from their head to their hands. The course is appropriately named, Head-to-Hand. Click here to find out more >>>

In addition to being a writer and editor, Kamille is a mother of two and a retired Air Force veteran. She is is a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and the author of two books.

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