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Are you experiencing a burning desire to get your book idea out of your head into your hands?

Harness My Help on a 1-on-1 Strategy Call

You’ve dreamt it. You’ve seen it. You’ve thought, “I can do that!”

At the same time, you may be asking, “But where do I start?”

What you need is someone who has walked the talk (same path)--someone who understands the pitfalls, obstacles, and detours along the journey.

It’s important to have someone who understands your journey is as unique as you are—someone to help you chart your course, keep you focused, and help get you across your finish line.

I specialize in the entrepreneurial and thought-leadership space: speakers, coaches, consultants, and authors. My clients include some of today’s highest-paid and most influential brands including the world’s #1 Coach Paul Martinelli; The United States Air Force; The Global League of Creative and Intelligence Certified Coaches; University of Miami, Oxford Creativity and Innovation Program; World Change Summit; Army Veteran, Author, and financial guru Nyajuok Tongyik; Dan Houston Associates; Integrity Consulting and Professional Services; THRIVE Lemon Grove, and more.

Book a “Harness my Help” session today

In your Harness my Help session, I will work with you one-on-one to help move your ideas from your head to your hands, by coaching you through the creative writing process. I’ll also share unique insights to help you put your money where it pays off. You’ll walk away with clarity, direction, an actionable first step, and strategies to keep you on track.

You should schedule a session if …

  • You have a burning desire to become a published author, but you just don’t know where to start, period

  • You’ve been sitting on a book idea, and haven’t yet created a plan to write it

  • You’ve created the bones (outline) of your story, but don’t know how to add the meat (substance)

  • You have a compelling story, but you believe you can’t write a book because you’re not a good writer

  • You are overwhelmed with the details of your story, and that has stifled your forward movement

  • You are worried that telling your story will expose or hurt other people

How it works:

  1. Fill out the Harness my Help questionnaire by clicking the button below.


   2. Request a time slot (link will be provided) and submit your payment.


   3. We strategize for 60 minutes.

Prior to the call, I will spend an hour combing through whatever information you feel is relevant. This helps us hit the ground running. During our session, I provide customized strategies aligned with your stated goals, and will answer every question you ask.

The cost of a session is $497

See What Other People Are Saying

Nyjuok long hair.jpeg

Nyajuok Tongyik, Author,

U.S. Army Captain, Retired

RN, & Financial Coach

“I met Kamille back in 2016 and I followed her work on social media throughout the years. I knew that she would connect me to the right person to help write my book.

"One night, I asked Kamille if she knew of a "ghostwriter." I had seen the term during my research. She told me that she did not know anyone offhand, but she would get back to me.


"Something in my heart told me to ask if she would be my "ghostwriter." I knew her writing was impeccable, and she spoke elegantly. The rest was history. Kamille edited "I Am my Mother's Wildest Dream" without hesitation, and gave it 110% of her efforts. Although I wrote the words, Kamille is the emotion behind every word. Anyone who reads "I Am my Mother's Wildest Dream" tells me that they were instantly connected to the story emotionally.”

Untitled design (38).png
Untitled design (39).png
Encourage (27)_edited.png

Matai Muon

    CEO & Co-Founder, Tedi-Africa

“I met Kamille Thomas through a colleague whose book she edited. When we set up a virtual call, I fell in love with her energy, passion and generous personality. We connected quite naturally and then came the story of Nyayang, a book I have been working on since 2018.


"Her editorial patience despite handling a trillion projects was absolutely breathtaking. She has truly made a difference in this work. I have no idea where I would be with the book if it had not been her insightful and rich guidance. She is an amazing human being; an editor who loses herself in one's own work to achieve a larger purpose.


"And for that, I highly recommend Kamille Thomas for any project that fits within her broader skill sets.”

Matai Mike Kim.jpeg

Mercy Masila-Achola, Author

 Founder at Value Connect

   Executive Director, John Maxwell Team

“I was looking to put together a simple worksheet to provide to my participants as a supplement to my Vision board/Goal-setting training.


"I reached out to Kamille for a meeting where she sought to understand what I was trying to accomplish. She advised on what an ideal flow chart of the process would be and then I emailed her my thoughts. In a few days, I was happy to receive an excellent worksheet customized with my logo. 


"It served me well with my clients and I would definitely recommend others to consider working with Kamille to help you prepare your worksheets. I plan to work with her again in the near future to create mastermind notes for my recently published book, ‘Three's Divine’.”

Mercy Achola_edited.jpg

Caryann Thomas, Author, Speaker, Creator

Host of Camouflaged Beauty Podcast

Co-Host of Lioness Lair Videocast

          Crisis Counselor

“Kamille Thomas is the first call I make for consulting on any business idea. She has the uncanny ability to turn a simple thought into a solid, useful, user friendly product, bringing my visions to life. Her timeliness, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box has led to collaborating on many projects.


"She has been at the forefront of creating a landing page with eye catching content for my startup business, create products for my e-commerce store, and attractive aesthetics for my brand. As a ‘start up’ it was important to me to get it right when introducing my brand to the world.

"Kamille not only made that possible but she provided a wealth of additional information and resources to ensure I was successful. She executes but coaches you as well to ensure you are a part of the experience. I highly recommend you try the Kamille Experience for yourself.”

Caryann Thomas @thecarybrand

Contact Me Today!

To arrange a Harness my Help session, click the button below to fill out and submit your initial call questionnaire. Once received, I will contact you to setup a meeting time. Thank you.

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