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Need Copy? 

Perfect! I write copy!

Copywriting Services

While I write for various industries and disciplines, I specialize in organizational leadership, coaching, personal growth and development, resilience, diversity and inclusion, and personal stories spaces.

I am a 25 year retired Air Force veteran, with over 20 years of facilitation in the subjects of leadership, resilience, violence prevention, DE&I, personality & behavior, and team building. I am a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach and I understand the challenges, principles, and language of leadership development, coaching, and personal growth industry well. 

Please book a free 30-minute consultation call to see if our styles work well together to make your vision come to life. 



Basic copywriting: $100 per page 

          -- Each page is approximately 350 - 370 words

Script writing: $1,000 for up to 5 double-spaced pages 

          -- Includes 2 hours of research

Teaching Resource Package: $1,997 

          -- Teaching script up to 5 pages

          -- Facilitator and participant guides (1-2 pages per chapter)

          -- Basic coversheet (company logo, title, presenter name)

          -- Graphics available at an additional charge


Website editing: $200 per page (up to 500 words)

          -- Grammar and spelling, and punctuation

           -- Spacing

           -- Font style and resizing

 *NOTE* Does not include complete rewrite 

Webpage restructuring: $150 per page

           -- Spacing 

           -- Grouping

           -- Font style and resizing

           -- Overall page organization



***NOTE*** I will work with the information and images already on the page.  Graphics available at an additional charge

WIX Website Creation: $450 per page (2 page minimum)


            -- Page design 

            -- Major headings (Home, About, Services, Contact, Testimonials)

            -- Call to action buttons

            -- Links to external documents/sites (google, web store, SM etc.)

            -- SEO Optimization

            -- Copywriting (additional charge)

            -- Graphics (additional charge)

            -- Events pages (additional charge)

***NOTE*** In order to take advantage of payment options, event registration, Google Console, you must have the premium service. The price for premium service is separate from the website design. The premium service offers a discounted domain name (annual, 2-year, or 5-year), which is also a separate charge. If you already have a domain, it can be transferred if you have owned it for more than 60 days. 


Landing Page: $500


            -- Page design 

            -- Major headings 

            -- Call to action buttons

            -- Event registration

            -- Link to one external document (google doc, pdf, etc.)



Book Your Free 30-Minute Consultation Call Here

Book Your Free 30-Minute Consultation Call Here

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