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Perfectly imperfect or imperfectly perfect?

I choose the latter. Everyone I've seen post or talk about it says the former. Here is why I choose the latter.

Imperfect means: not perfect; faulty or incomplete. Or, transferred without all the necessary conditions or requirements being met.

Perfect means: having no mistakes or flaws, lacking in no essential detail, having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

I choose this version because despite my imperfections, flaws, mistakes, and missteps in life, God fully resourced me. My imperfections made me perfect for my assignment on earth. I lack no detail and I poses the kind of qualities that draw people in, not push them out.

My imperfections, all the things that I've gone through: the broken hearts, mental and emotional crises, divorces, children, moves, career sabotage, back stabbing, blown opportunities etc. have equipped me to carry out my purpose in this part of my life.

I needed those experiences to shape and mold me. I needed them to break me down and build me back better. I needed them to expose the value that was hidden inside. I needed them to allow my gifts and talents to shine through.

Every imperfect thing that happened to me was necessary for me to be perfect in this moment.

I also don't want to leave anything open. To me saying perfectly imperfect is giving power to those imperfections instead of turning those imperfections into your power.

I know it seems trivial, but words matter. Word choice matters. And, word placement also matters!

What people see and hear last, usually resonates first. Or as I like to say, " People remember last, best." (I probably picked that up somewhere, I just don't know when or where so I can't cite it)

I'm closing up my loose ends and leaving a lasting good impression.

I may not be perfect, but my imperfections make me perfect for the here and now, and that's what I choose to focus on. They are why I'm perfect for where I'm at right now in life, not the other way around!

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